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Do I need to empty my caravan/motorhome before having a service?

The less there is, the easier it is for our engineers to work on, especially if they have to get access to

equipment in lockers. If you are unsure what to remove ring us and we will be more than pleased to advise. Additional labour charges may result if stored equipment prevents access to the vehicle for service and it has to be removed.

What do I get when I my caravan/motorhome has had a service?

You will receive a detailed invoice, listing any parts used and a description of the work carried out. Plus a service schedule indicating what checks have been undertaken during the service and, any remedial action that has been carried out or that needs further attention.

Can you service my caravan/motorhome at my home/storage site?

We can only service/repair your caravan/motorhome at either your home or storage site. Please make sure that if work is required to be carried out at the storage site, the site owner is aware and permission has been obtained beforehand otherwise if we cannot carry out the work when we visit, a call-out charge will apply in addition to the service/repair charges. Donít forget that all keys will be required by the engineer (in advance) for the vehicle being serviced. Please also make sure that all handbooks and operating instructions are available for our engineer.

How long does it take to service my caravan?

Usually around 4 hours for a single axle caravan service, 3 hours for a Habitation Inspection (an additional hour for a twin axle caravan chassis). It also depends on the age of the caravan/motorhome and if our engineers come across any problems. We normally complete the standard service the same day. Any items found to be defective and requiring repairs usually need to have a return visit booked. Repairs (unless very minor) will be chargeable at our standard hourly rate.

What preparation do I need to make before the engineer visits?

The engineer will need access to all sides of the vehicle, so allow at least 1m free access around all sides, more if possible. Water, gas and an electrical supply will be needed to test and operate the equipment on board the caravan/motorhome, however, the engineer can bring along a generator, water and gas should he be visiting a storage site. Please confirm beforehand.  Also, donít forget that security devices will need to be removed so that maintenance work can be undertaken. These shouldnít however be removed until the engineer is on site as otherwise the vehicle could be at risk from theft. Any access restricted by items/security equipment left in/on the vehicle may mean extra cost could be incurred by it having to be removed by the engineer and replaced after the service. Finally, if you think that something isnít working correctly, please tell the engineer beforehand, it will make it easier for him and keep costs down for you. (A good idea is to carry a small notebook on board, make a note about any niggles or faults at the time you are camping, far easier than trying to remember on your return).

What vehicles do you work on? - THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART 

We undertake work on vehicles up to 10 years old that are used for leisure purposes only. We are unable to work on vehicles that are used for full time occupancy (including ones that are only 'slept in'). We will only work on motorhomes that have been converted/built by a major manufacturer to the safety standards capturing the requirements laid down by the NCC. We are unable to work on vehicles that have been 'self-converted' or have not been built to the relevent safety standards.


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